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Discover artists and art forms you never knew existed in this biweekly podcast hosted by arts and culture-obsessed Michelle Khouri. Every other week, Michelle sits down with wildly imaginative creators, performers, and makers from around the world to have relaxed conversations that leave you wide-eyed and inspired. Cultured is produced by Michelle’s own podcast production company, FRQNCY Media.

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Tayo Rockson

One of the first things you notice when listening to Michelle’s podcast is that she has an infectious energy with her guests. You can tell she really cares about the mission of the podcast which is to diversify the stories that we hear today about art and culture. Her energy is easily transferable to the audience that you can’t help but feel sucked in. Looking forward to more episodes!

Eternal Wanderlust

Insightful and breezy cultural commentary! The Cultured Podcast is a conglomeration of cultural topics including food, art, religion, theater and travel presented by a riveting hostess, Michelle Khouri, who is often accompanied by really engaging creatives. It's the perfect balance of educational, thought provoking content and spirited conversation to keep things fun and entertaining. As someone in a scientific field, this podcast keeps me connected to a community of makers and cultural drivers. Enjoy!


The Cultured Podcast is unique. Michelle Khouri has a wonderful, warm, playful voice and she’s the ideal guide to the arts. Never elitist, always curious, Michelle is passionate about music, art, Theater, dance and more.


Best Arts & Culture Podcast. The Cultured Podcast is amazing. Michelle is a wonderful host and all of her guests are unique and interesting. Don’t miss out on this gem!


I LOVE this podcast! Always leaves me full of smiles and laughs as well as more educated ?


A weekly dose of positive energy. If you want to remember about how to remain human, make sure to listen to The Cultured Podcast! This is a weekly dose of positive energy in a world that mostly feeds us negative news. Well done, Michelle Khouri!

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