“With 57 million Americans listening monthly (up 23%, year on year), the potential for podcasting’s star to rise through content, discovery, monetization and technology is strong.”

Ad Age

The Cultured Difference

The Cultured Podcast is unlike any show in its category. Host Michelle Khouri brings her playful enthusiasm and insatiable curiosity to each episode to entertain, educate and inspire listeners.

Digging into topics usually dominated by airs of exclusion, The Cultured Podcast breaks down the usual barriers around the arts as it unearths the world’s most intriguing cultural perspectives.

Meet Your Host

Michelle Khouri practically popped out of the womb singing show tunes. This gregarious bundle of endless enthusiasm earned the nickname “Hurricane Michelle” as a child, thanks in part to her insatiable inquisitiveness (but mostly because she was a trouble-making ball of energy). It’s true, Michelle is one of the few cats that survived its curiosity—especially since that very curiosity often lured her away from her mother in crowded spaces with the promise of revealing untold mysteries. That high-energy spirit filled with an unabashed appreciation for all things creative is the same voice you’ll hear each week on The Cultured Podcast. With an openness, warmth and enthusiasm not usually characteristic of shows about arts and culture, Michelle breaks down the barriers surrounding art, theater, travel and design to serve a heaping dose of #CultureForAll.

The Cultured Listener

Millennials &
Generation X

More likely to wear jeans to work than a suit, listeners aged 25-40 prefer a fresh and informal voice, signatures of The Cultured Podcast.


Podcast listeners have buying habits directly in line with the content of The Cultured Podcast.


The Cultured Podcast speaks to the educated consumer fascinated by the arts, travel and global culture.

Artful &

The Cultured Podcast’s listeners are affluent and prefer investing in big-ticket items like world travel, season passes, fine art and one-of-a-kind apparel.

“While the rest of the internet silts up with cats and fake news, the podcast is unashamedly, almost brazenly intelligent.”

The Times UK



EXPANDING: Nearly a quarter of the entire U.S. population listens to podcasts.



AFFLUENT: Nearly a third of listeners have an annual household income of $100,000+



ENGAGED: Three out of five listeners buy something they heard about on a podcast.



EDUCATED: a majority of listeners have a bachelor's degree or higher



LOYAL: 88% listen to most or all episodes of the shows to which they subscribed



DIVERSE: Listeners are equally male and female, and reflect the diversity of the U.S.

“The percentage of American adults polled who had listened to a podcast in the previous month doubled between 2008 and 2015, with over a third of the population having now listened to at least one.”

The Economist

Podcasting is an untapped advertising channel rife with opportunity for forward-thinking marketers.

Marketers involved with podcasting0
Marketers interested in learning more about podcasting0
Marketers who plan to increase podcasting activities0

“We’re seeing a major shift in people’s perceptions on the advertising side. They’re starting to have a fear of missing out. And big advertisers are begetting big advertisers.”

—Lex Friedman, EVP of sales and development at Midroll Media

According to Midroll’s survey of nearly 169,000 listeners, podcast consumers have buying habits directly in line with the content of The Cultured Podcast.

Every month:

67% buy beer, wine, or liquor

44% buy gluten-free foods

Every year:

34% spend at least $300 on ticketed entertainment

35% spend at least $300 on subscriptions like Netflix

57% spend at least $600 on dining out

17% spend more than $1800 on dining out

These are the most popular places where listeners tune into podcasts.

Plane / Travel
Walk / Run / Bike
Public Transport

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