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005: Tropical Knitwear, With Karelle Levy

005: Tropical Knitwear, With Karelle Levy


Michelle travels to Miami, Florida, to chat with Karelle Levy, a renowned knitwear designer, textile artist and the owner of KRELwear. Together, Michelle and Karelle give an eye-opening look at the creative possibilities that exist in even the most pigeonholed art forms. In Episode 5 of The Cultured Podcast, Karelle pins down her artistic vision and the creative influences behind her skin-baring silhouettes. Uncover Karelle’s unique story, including the ways she barreled by every expectation imposed on knitwear to create a sexy, tropical and glow-in-the-dark line of knits.

About Karelle Levy, Knitwear Designer

Knitwear designer and textile artist Karelle Levy holds up one of here bright and sexy knit KRELwear rompers.

Designer and artist Karelle Levy founded Krelwear fashion collection in 2002. Born in Paris and raised in Miami, she graduated with a Textile degree from Rhode Island School of Design. She applies her multi-cultural background to designing and fabricating colorful, body-conscious knitwear for tropical climates. Karelle specializes in eco-friendly cotton and metallic fibers with advanced technology. Hand-knitted dresses, tops, hot shorts and accessories come in her exclusive, signature fabrics.

In addition to creating art installations, including Quickie Couture, a series for on-the-spot custom pieces, she hosts “Stitch N Bitch” monthly knitting and crochet workshops at her studio and boutique in Miami Ironside and at the Freehand Miami hotel.

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