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007: The Many Flavors of Bogotá, Colombia

007: The Many Flavors of Bogotá, Colombia


Pack your bags and visit Colombia’s capital city, Bogotá. Michelle and her best friend, Masha Murakhovsky, seize a moment of divine inspiration while towering nearly 2,000 feet above Bogotá on Monserrate, a 17th-century mountaintop sanctuary.

Growing up traveling to Bogota every few months since birth, Michelle arrives in her childhood second home expecting to know the lay of the land. What she encounters instead is a wild, bustling and polluted city that’s barely recognizable. Michelle walks us through the brief existential crisis that left her in a rare foul mood, which was quickly set straight by the gorgeous museums and historic, cobblestone streets of La Candelaria.

All the while Masha tries to pronounce words in Spanish every so often. It gets pretty adorable.

This dynamic duo guides us through their favorite historical sights and museums in Bogotá, including the Botero Museum. You’ll find links to every museum and sight they visited in the resources section below.

Masha then gives us a little background on herself. It’s her first time in South America, and we get a sense that this Miami-raised, New York City-based digital media guru is an adventurous epicurean explorer. And so, the food and fruits of Bogota are naturally top of mind. Masha digs into the native fruits that left her drooling (and a little tongue twisted), including guanabana and lulo. She’s especially left in awe of the freshness and bounty of the food she’s sampled on the trip thus far. We have a feeling you’ll be searching for flights to Colombia after this episode.


Museums & Things to Do in Bogotá

Andres Carne de Res (famous restaurant/nightclub in Chia)

La Candelaria (historic neighborhood)

Chapinero (hip, trendy neighborhood; LGBT district)

Monserrate (mountaintop sanctuary)

Museo Botero (museum dedicated to works of Fernando Botero, and other international artists)

Museo del Oro (gold museum)

Trip Photos

Exotic Fruits Mentioned