008: The Business of Art, With sQuishiepuss

008: The Business of Art, With sQuishiepuss


What does it take to market yourself as an independent artist? Episode 8 of The Cultured Podcast dives into the side of art often left unexplored: business. Michelle sits down with one of Atlanta’s favorite street artists, Ray Geier (AKA sQuishiepuss), to peek into how he marries his whimsical, singular aesthetic with savvy marketing strategies to empower his flourishing creative empire.

Success was far from effortless during Ray’s early years. He made his own “luck” by creating demand for his artwork while learning to forego the rules of others in favor of his own.

Through their musings on the business of art, Michelle and Ray nail down the cocktail for success as one part positivity and one part intuition, garnished with an appreciation for the necessity and inevitability of failure. Their passionate conversation dips into the lows of Ray’s story as well as the invaluable lessons he has learned about the power of creating demand. Michelle and Ray’s shared mission to remove the barriers surrounding arts and culture makes for one liberating, fascinating, and inspiring dialogue.

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About sQuishiepuss

sQuishiepuss is an Atlanta based artist who specializes in all things pink! His muse is a French Bulldog named Spanky. sQuishiepuss is also the host of a art-themed Hellions Podcast.

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