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009: Streetwear Design, With Bianca Cooper

009: Streetwear Design, With Bianca Cooper


Dig at the roots of disruptive fashion design on Episode 9 of The Cultured Podcast. Michelle interviews fashion designer and hypercreative Bianca Cooper, who unearths the secrets to eliminating expectation and achieving artistic liberation. The creative silhouettes and designs in Bianca’s clothing line, Biyunka, are inspired by everything from nature, texture and contrast, to the depths of metaphysics and the continuum. Listen to find out how Bianca’s fascination with profound existential concepts offers her a chance at artistic immortality.

Michelle and Bianca’s conversation oscillates between lightness and depth as they discuss what happens when an artist rejects “what makes sense” in favor of disruption. And disruption isn’t just the result of Bianca’s designs, it’s also innate in her method. Chaos, silliness, and discomfort are fundamental to her process. She approaches her designs with a strong sense of self, allowing her work to bypass society’s rules.

Bianca then shares how her cultural heritage as a black woman from the American South empowers her to push limits and override complacency in every part of her life. She hopes her fearless approach to breaking the mold inspires others to experience subjective relationships with fashion and art, while pushing aside the notion of trends.

About BIYUNKA, Streetwear Apparel Line

BIYUNKA is a handmade, functional, street, and funk brand. Designer/Seamstress Bianca Cooper is inspired by nature, animals, the universe and beyond. She strongly believes that art cannot be created without love.

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Biyunka Designs

Custom Biyunka jumpsuit for EarthGang‘s Johnny Venus:

Bianca wearing custom Biyunka kufi and pants:

Biyunka in the details: