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Herbalism Around the World, With LaTasha Smith

Herbalism Around the World, With LaTasha Smith

In Episode 11 of The Cultured Podcast, LaTasha Smith (AKA Tash Nikol) joins Michelle for an exploration of the ancient practice of herbalism. It’s estimated that nearly 75% of the world’s population still relies on natural or herbal remedies to maintain health, fight illness, and act as mainstream medicine.

Tash comes from a long lineage of farmers and herbalists, but only recently decided to explore her ancestral connection with plants. She tells us about her month-long immersive apprenticeship at Centro Ashé in Manzanillo, a village in the jungle of Costa Rica’s Limón province. During her apprenticeship, Tash learned how to identify plants and the benefits they provide, and how to engage with plants and herbs intuitively and energetically.

She plants a seed for how we can practice herbalism in our daily lives, and why this is a vital component of whole health. Michelle and Tash then discuss the ancient roots of herbalism, and how those deep-rooted cultures continue to drive modern-day herbalism, including Ayurveda from India, ancient herbals from China and Egypt, and the Bribri people of Costa Rica.

Whether you’re committed to a plant-based lifestyle or skeptical of plant power, Episode 11 will help you walk away with a deeper appreciation for the plants that surround you as you peer into the world of holistic herbal health.

About Tash Nikol

Tash Nikol talks herbalism on Episode 11 of The Cultured Podcast

Tash Nikol is a digital media artist, art director at murmur media, and ancestrally connected herbal magik maker.  The practices of herbalists, growers and artists are rooted from the traditional practices of POC, queer and feminine ancestral bodies. Tash’s personal practice with harvestedlove and beyond are a manifestation of that. Visit Tash Nikol’s harvestedlove to find teas, tinctures, and natural magik to support healing and spirit.

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