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Storytelling in the American South, With Doc Lawrence

Storytelling in the American South, With Doc Lawrence

Weekly Inspiration: Winter

As fall turns to winter, Michelle is struck by the beauty of the changing of seasons. It’s nature’s way of telling us that it’s time to turn a new leaf. It’s a constant reminder of impermanence, that nothing in life lasts forever and that it’s not supposed to. This is also the time where the arts come alive and create a beautiful symphony between nature and the way we as humans respond to the changes around us. As we move through this period of rest and stillness, remember to be present and embrace winter’s slow pace.

What’s your favorite season, and why? Let us know in the comments below!

Unearthing the tradition of Southern storytelling with Doc Lawrence

Master storyteller Doc Lawrence joins Michelle on The Cultured Podcast for a discussion on the Southern tradition of storytelling in the U.S.

Over plates of fried chicken and jars of sweet tea, Doc developed a knack for storytelling that’s ingrained in him at his very core. And boy, does he have some stories up his sleeve. Just take the night he spent in a jail cell with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or the tale of his dinner with Ella Fitzgerald…or his chance encounter with yet another King: Elvis Presley.

Doc reveals that the best way to tell a story is not to sit in a room and put pen to paper, but rather to listen intently to those around you. Everyone has a story and if you listen with empathy and open ears, you are one step away from capturing the true essence of their story.

Showing up is half the challenge, the other half is what you make of it.

About Doc Lawrence, Southern storyteller

Doc Lawrence is a journalist, editor, playwright, producer and author from the American South.Doc Lawrence wears several hats: A freelance journalist, TV producer, broadcaster, published author, playwright, former editor and publisher. Although Atlanta is home, Doc knows the greater South and is comfortable in Louisville,  Key West, Austin and points in between.

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