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Spreading Joy With Wearable Technology, With ATLTVHEAD

Spreading Joy With Wearable Technology, With ATLTVHEAD

Weekly Inspiration: Community

This week’s inspiration comes from a member of The Cultured Crew: Erin from Atlanta, Georgia! Erin says she’s inspired by investment in community. She grew up in organized religion, but took a break from it for a few years to find herself outside of the structures of organized religion. Erin says that she recently found a place of worship that feels like home, which has taught her the power of feeling a part of an open and loving community. This new group has reinvigorated her and made her feel surrounded by love, hope and friendship. What’s more inspiring than that?

Do you have a place or group that makes you feel a part of something greater than yourself? Tell us about it in the comments!

Unearthing the world of performance art and wearable technology with Nate Damen

Atlantans may know about Nate Damen—he’s the guy walking around the city with a glowing 1969 RCA TV on his head. Nate, better known as ATLTVHEAD, joins Michelle for a Cultured chat about performance art, wearable technology, and whether Nate is on the good or bad side of a robot invasion. Nate opens up about how feelings of loneliness paired with creative ingenuity to bring his charming, lovable alter ego to life. He tell us that perhaps the most surprising thing about wearing a mask is how it can help others feel safe to share more openly. We also get a sneak peek at the future of ATLTVHEAD, including how people may soon be able to interact with ATLTVHEAD no matter where they are in the world.

About Nate Damen, ATLTVHEAD creator and performance artist

Nate Damen is ATLTVHEAD, a walking art installation with a mission of spreading love and positivity throughout the streets of Atlanta, Georgia.

As a tech-crazed artist/engineer, Nate Damen is an expert in interactive design, robotics, and wearable technology. Armed with LEDs, wrenches, servos, and circuit boards, Nate traces neon paths across Atlanta, blurring together art and tech as his alter ego ATLTVHEAD.

Atltvhead is a mashup of interactive art and wearable technology with a message of positivity and encouragement to let your oddities shine! The wearable TV head lets users online control the screen, allowing triangular communication pathways between the TV screen, online chat, and individuals in Atlanta. Atltvhead can be found wherever there are positive vibes,  frequenting events like Controllerise, Atlanta Synth Meetup, or just patrolling the beltline hoping to make your day a little bit better.

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Nate’s muses and heroes:

Becky Stern


James T. Merry


Michelle Sporting ATLTVHEAD’s…Head