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Improv Theater & Voice Acting on “Archer”, With Amber Nash

Improv Theater & Voice Acting on “Archer”, With Amber Nash

Weekly Inspiration: Winter

Winter is here for the Northern Hemisphere! And the world must be coming to an end because it actually snowed in Atlanta. *GASP* This week, Michelle is inspired by the stillness of winter. There is nothing like the shadows that the sun casts when it starts to get cold outside. And cuddling up to a warm cup of hot cocoa with one or two or 50 marshmallows can fix any hue of blues.

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Digging at the roots of voice acting with Amber Nash

Michelle welcomes the gregarious and talented Amber Nash to The Cultured Podcast. While you may not recognize Amber’s face, you will surely recognize her voice. She is the voice actress for Pam Poovey on FXX’s Archer, a massive hit animated series that’s already on its ninth season. Amber shares with Michelle how a chance evening at Whole World Improv made her fall in love with improvisational acting. She also lets us in on how an audition that went completely wrong landed her such a coveted role on this hit show. Stick around as Amber spills some of the best advice that she’s gotten and what advice she would give to voice artists looking to break into the industry. Listen to the full episode to hear Pam Poovey’s outrageous guest appearance!

About Amber Nash, Improv Actor & Voice Actor

Amber is a Georgia native and long time ensemble member at Dad’s Garage. She voices Pam Poovey on the FXX hit animated show Archer.

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