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Healing Homeless Youth With Art, With Malika Whitley

Healing Homeless Youth With Art, With Malika Whitley

Weekly Inspiration: Truth

Michelle is inspired by an often overlooked element that sits at the foundation of everything we do: trust. Because of trust, we are able to forge businesses, develop relationships and purse our dreams. Even self-trust plays an essential role in our own unique story. The more we embrace the vulnerability that’s needed in order to trust, the more opportunities for growth we receive. Sure, we have all been burned, but by renewing our ability to trust we allow our past wounds to heal and our hearts to open. And, at least in Michelle’s experience, we get a more inspiring and interesting life in return.

Discover how art heals the wounds of teen homelessness with Malika Whitley

Malika Whitley is the type of person that restores your faith in the power of good. Once a homeless youth, Malika now applies that painful experience to generating artistic opportunities for underprivileged teens across the globe. Through her nonprofit organization ChopArt, Malika shines a powerful spotlight on a population that often goes unrecognized and unheard, giving them the opportunity to express themselves in a safe and trusting environment. She talks with Michelle about her life as a homeless teenager and how art helped her to survive and persevere. They discuss the transformative power of creativity and its ability to mend trauma and foster community. Because of Malika’s honorable work, art is rippling through the lives of homeless teens to bring healing in its wake.

About Malika Whitley, founder and CEO of ChopArt

Malika Whitley is the Atlanta-based CEO and founder of ChopArt, an organization for homeless teens focused on mentorship, dignity and opportunity through the arts. ChopArt partners with local shelters and homeless organizations to provide multidisciplinary arts programming in Atlanta, New Orleans, Hyderabad and Accra. Since 2010, they’ve served over 40,000 teens worldwide.


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