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Lighting Design for the Stage, With Connor McVey

Lighting Design for the Stage, With Connor McVey

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Illuminating the world of lighting design with Connor McVey

A symphony of moving parts must converge to bring a theatrical production to life. One critical element has the tricky job of uniting those varied aspects into one cohesive experience: lighting. Lighting designer Connor McVey brings his expertise to The Cultured Podcast where he and Michelle break down the fundamentals of lighting design and the unique way it sets out to interpret the script. He explains the supportive role his art plays within the crew and how he surprisingly feels most successful when his work goes unnoticed. Connor gives listeners a peek into the technical journey he takes with every new show and the essential tools he relies on to make it all come together. In typical hypercreative fashion, Connor does more than just lighting design. He also creates intricate schematics for weapons from video games and movies, and co-hosts a podcast about Firaxis’ Civilization VI.

About Connor McVey, lighting designer, set designer, and draftsman

Connor is a resident artist at Terrific New Theatre in Birmingham, Alabama; selected previous credits include Split In Three, Bad Jews, Elephant’s Graveyard, November, The Lying Kind, and Bust – all Alabama premiers.

Other credits include Actor’s Express, Jenny Wiley Theatre, Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Oglethorpe University, Synchronicity, Birmingham-Southern College, 7 Stages, and ALD credits with Aurora, Horizon, and South Carolina Children’s Theatre.

In addition to freelancing as a designer and draftsman Connor enjoys serving as an advisor to the Alabama Conference of Theatre and as a judge for its annual Walter S. Trumbauer High School Theatre Competition. For more information visit

Visit Connor’s Website: VektorKat

Visit Connor’s Shop on Etsy

Shows mentioned in the episode:

Avenue Q

Angels in America

Damn Yankees

Hello Dolly


Pajama Game

The Producers

Shrek the Musical

Titus Andronicus