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When Art & Hip-Hop Collide, With FRKO

FRKO drew this cover for rapper Gucci Mane's album "All My Children."

When Art & Hip-Hop Collide, With FRKO

Weekly Inspiration: Cardinals

Michelle’s inspiration this week sings sweetly outside her window. The Northern Cardinal is making its vibrant debut as spring approaches. Growing up in Miami, Michelle’s house was decorated with stuffed cardinals during Christmas—her only experience with cardinals until just a couple of months ago. Since her first in-person spotting, she has fallen in love with these crimson creatures and her fascination grows as she learns more about them. She shares some interesting facts about cardinals for her listeners.

Exploring the colliding worlds of art and hip-hop with FRKO

What do you get when you mix comic books, hip-hop, pornography and figure painting? You get the signature style of the one and only FRKO (born Richard Montgomery). FRKO joins Michelle on The Cultured Podcast to discuss his earliest influences and how the streets of Atlanta shapes his art.

FRKO’s sense of humor and knack for capturing the essence of life on the streets has landed him on the radars of some of the biggest names in hip-hop. In fact, FRKO has drawn multiple covers for Action Bronson, including the artwork for “Mr. Wonderful,” and the artwork for Gucci Mane‘s “All My Children.”

In a time when technology commonly drives art, FRKO goes against the grain by hand drawing and scanning his line work to create his famously graphic illustrated work. Equipped with crayola markers and boundless imagination, FRKO is making a name for himself at the intersection of hip-hop and art. The raw nature of FRKO and Michelle’s conversation mirrors the candid, no-holds-barred style of his artistry.


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