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Paper Quilling, With Alia Bright

Alia Bright is a paper artist based in Portland, Oregon, and the guest on Episode 35 of The Cultured Podcast.

Paper Quilling, With Alia Bright

Weekly Inspiration: Paper

Michelle’s inspiration this week flows seamlessly with the subject of the episode. In learning more about paper quilling, Michelle finds herself enthralled by paper. Between its ancient history, multitude of uses, and societal influence, paper is undoubtedly one of the most integral inventions to shape our society. Various art forms, paper money, global communications, and much of our documented human history is thanks to this paramount invention.

Creating intricate typography and portraits by quilling paper, with Alia Bright

Michelle is joined by paper artist and typographer Alia Bright to dig into an art form that, although it developed long ago during the Renaissance, is often unfamiliar to many people today. Alia has a proficient background in illustration and graphic design, but it wasn’t until she discovered the art of paper quilling that she uncovered her personal artistic voice.

Armed with scissors, tweezers and patience, Alia transforms paper strips into whimsical creations featuring pop culture characters, abstract geometric figures, and precise typography. She strikes a poised balance between play and precision in all of her work.

Alia and Michelle discuss her path to this craft and how she was previously on the brink of a career in mechanical engineering. Her keen eye and artistic talent lead her to work in corporate design, notably doing apparel design for large brands such as Old Navy.

Alia shares her realization that she could pursue her art as more than a hobby and how she now considers herself an artist first and foremost. The conversation moves to the future of her art and the inspirations that feed her creative spirit.


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