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TV Writing & Producing, With Felicia Henderson

Felicia Henderson. Photo by Dave Kotinsky for Getty Images.

TV Writing & Producing, With Felicia Henderson

Weekly Inspiration: Enthusiasm

Michelle is packed to the brim with this week’s inspiration: enthusiasm. Enthusiastic people can sometimes be criticized for their intensity (which happens to Michelle from time to time), but according to this ball of energy…intense people should never hold back. Enthusiasm is akin to passion and passion is the common DNA all art shares. The greatest leaders and artists in history embraced their enthusiasm and ultimately changed the course of humankind, so bring on the intensity, babes!

The big talent behind small-screen scripts with Felicia Henderson

As a TV creator, writer and producer, Felicia Henderson is responsible for some of the most iconic small-screen characters of the last few decades. She joins Michelle on The Cultured Podcast to detail her legendary career and reveal the common thread that knits her wildly diverse shows together. She and Michelle explore Felicia’s propensity for writing familial relationships and how she fleshes out a range of characters, from fantastical to realistic.

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As the co-creator and executive producer of BET’s The Quad, Felicia shares how this groundbreaking series depicts a diverse range of African American experiences within the campus of a historically black university (HBCU).

Felicia chats about her own collegiate experience as part of Delta Sigma Theta Incorporated and the significance of Greek life in African American culture. The conversation leads to the importance of representation in media.

Michelle digs into Felicia’s work with television renditions of comic books and how Felicia is living out her childhood dreams by working on Marvel’s “The Punisher.”


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