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Performance Art, With Danielle Deadwyler

Performance Art, With Danielle Deadwyler

Weekly Inspiration: Chaos

Michelle is inspired by something she discovered in her reading about metaphysics, and even explored in her discussion with this episodes guest, Danielle Deadwyler, and that’s the concept of chaos. We tend to think of chaos as a state of danger, unpredictability, and discomfort. But metaphysics teaches us that chaos is actually the basic state of the entire universe. That means our usual definition of chaos is just a construction of our imagination! This paradigm shift has helped MIchelle be able to flow with everything that life throws her way and go through each day as an observer rather than a stressed-out control freak. Hopefully, it’ll inspire you to do the same!

Creating art with the body, with Danielle Deadwyler

This week’s guest on The Cultured Podcast possesses some truly infectious energy! Danielle Deadwyler, to put it in her own words, is a multimedia artist who uses her body as her primary medium. Throughout her career, this has manifested itself across multiple channels, including on-screen and on-stage acting, dance and performance art. In her conversation with Michelle, Danielle discusses her method, process, and motivations.

Danielle explains how she studied theatre and dance in middle and high school, but really started breaking down walls and chipping away at the structures of traditional acting when she got to college and started exploring how to express herself in more abstract ways. A few years later, after a brief stint as an elementary school teacher, she dove headfirst into performing full time. Since then, she has built an impressive resume of stage and screen performances – including a featured role in the second season of FX’s “Atlanta.”

Danielle and Michelle discuss how the goal of Danielle’s art—whether it be in a traditional acting role, an abstract performance, or life itself—is to explore the chaos of life and how we can flow freely within it. She also explains how her art is influenced by the issues that are most important to her: motherhood, sexuality, and the relationship between them.


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