The Cultured Guest

Congratulations on your featured episode of The Cultured Podcast! We’re so excited to have you on board as we inspire listeners to marvel at and embrace the world around them. To help you prepare, we put together the handy checklist below and curated advice from trusted sources.

Upon Booking

Get to know the format and tone of The Cultured Podcast.

If you’re not yet familiar with The Cultured Podcast, click here to listen to a few episodes to get a better idea of the show’s flow. Michelle opens each episode with five minutes of inspiration, then launches into the main topic. The voice is casual, informative and fun.

Gather your thoughts on the episode's main topic.

Michelle will do the bulk of the research in order to guide the conversation. Make sure you’ve prepared some talking points, because our listeners want to hear from you, too!

A Few Days Before

Prepare a page of notes only if you need to remember key facts and figures.

Note cards/papers can sometimes be more distracting than they are helpful. This is a fluid, genuine conversation between you and Michelle, so it’s about having fun and making discoveries together, above all.

Double-check the booking details a few days before it's scheduled to confirm when and how the interview is taking place.

If you have any doubts or questions about your booking, please email as far in advance as possible.

During the Recording

Don't wear any noisy clothing or accessories.

Jingles and jangles don’t sound great on air, plus they distract listeners from the awesome conversation you’ll be having with Michelle. The best approach is to remove all jewelry for the recording.

Power off your cell phone completely.

“Gasp! Does that actually say ‘off?'” Yup. Vibrating cell phones are just as loud and disrupting as ringing ones when it comes to recorded content. Power off that phone and enjoy your featured interview!

Have water at the ready...but only in a quiet container!

If you become easily parched, make sure to have water at the ready…but remember the golden rule of audio recording: it has to be silent! Bring a plastic bottle, glass or other container that doesn’t make loud clanking, snapping or wrinkling noises. Plastic bottles are usually a no-go.