About Michelle Khouri

Michelle Khouri practically popped out of the womb singing show tunes. This gregarious bundle of endless enthusiasm earned the nickname “Hurricane Michelle” as a child, thanks in part to her insatiable inquisitiveness (but mostly because she was a trouble-making ball of energy).

It’s true, Michelle is one of the few cats that survived its curiosity—especially since that very curiosity often lured her away from her mother in crowded spaces with the promise of revealing untold mysteries.

Michelle has always been a performer at heart. In elementary school, she began what would turn into a decade of theatrical study focusing on dramatic acting and musical theatre. During that time, she learned to read music while devouring written works by literary giants.

Michelle’s parents are at the foundation of her cultural interests. Her father was an old-school Argentinean who loved to cook food from around the world, would shed a tear over a sublime tango, and enjoyed dressing his daughters up in big hats and frilly dresses dominated by delicate floral patterns.

Her mother, the global adventuress, would haul Michelle and her sister, Sabrina, on impromptu road trips and vacations abroad filled with art, history, and exciting experiences.

Michelle’s path to hosting The Cultured Podcast has been long, winding, and exceptionally consistent. That high-energy spirit filled with an unabashed appreciation for all things creative is the same voice you’ll hear each week on The Cultured Podcast.

With an openness, warmth and enthusiasm not usually characteristic of shows about arts and culture, Michelle breaks down the barriers surrounding art, theatre, travel and design to serve a heaping dose of #CultureForAll.