About Michelle Khouri

Michelle Khouri practically popped out of the womb singing show tunes. This gregarious bundle of endless enthusiasm has always been a performer at heart. In elementary school, she began what would turn into a decade of theatrical study. During that time, she learned to read music while devouring written works by literary giants.

Eventually, Michelle’s interests in arts and culture blossomed into a career. She is a passionate arts and culture writer and speaker, on the board of directors of Living Walls: A City Speaks, and a staple in Atlanta’s arts community. Michelle also owns Creative Powerhouse, a marketing consultancy that specializes in serving clients in the podcasting and arts and culture industries.

Michelle’s parents are at the foundation of her cultural interests. Her father was an old-school Argentinean who loved to cook food from around the world and would shed a tear over a sublime tango. Her mother, a global adventuress and native of Bogota, Colombia, would haul Michelle and her sister, on impromptu road trips and vacations abroad filled with art, history, and exciting experiences.

Michelle Khouri is a true citizen of the world. Her globalized perspective allows her to explore the world’s diverse art forms and artistic perspectives with comfort, openness and insatiable curiosity.

Fun facts about Michelle’s global roots:

  • Michelle’s parents and grandparents hail from five countries.
  • She has traveled to 25 countries.
  • Michelle is fluent in Spanish, and can scrape by in German and French.
  • She has delivered clothes and toys to orphaned children in Bogota, Colombia; served food to the homeless in Miami, Florida; volunteered in a children’s hospital ICU; and has been an advocate of human rights from a young age.