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Beginnings and Endings, with The Cultured Crew

Beginnings and Endings, with The Cultured Crew

In its final episode, Michelle Khouri sits down with the women behind the scenes, the “OGs of the OG” of FRQNCY Media’s own The Cultured Podcast. Michelle reminisces with her team-turned-family about what Cultured has meant to them on their journeys in podcasting, with FRQNCY and with each other. Listen to this episode to hear the story of how Cultured changed Enna Garkusha’s, the show’s producer, whole life, including meeting her future husband, the kismet of how Becca Godwin came into her role as Associate Producer, and how the first emails between Jessica Olivier, FRQNCY’s lead content strategist, and Michelle started it all.

Read the episode transcript below.


Michelle Khouri  0:00  

What happens when after three and a half years The Cultured Podcast comes to an end. On this episode of The Cultured Podcast, I’m joined by three of the most badass women you’ll ever know for a final goodbye to the Cultured crew, let’s go.

Welcome to The Cultured Podcast. I’m your host, Michelle Khouri. And together, we’ll journey into the unknown reaches of the art world.

Hello, my babies! This is super weird. This is the final episode of The Cultured Podcast. That’s right, after three and a half years of recording and producing and releasing independently 81 episodes. This is it. And that doesn’t mean the inspiration’s ending. That doesn’t mean the art is ending. That doesn’t mean that curiosity is ending. That just means I am ending. No. It just means this podcast is not going to be actively produced anymore until Netflix picks it up as a show. But until then, you know, I thought there was no, I mean, I thought, Enna, our producer, thought there was no better way to say goodbye than to have a council of the Cultured babies. And so, on this our final episode, my inspiration are the three women you’re about to hear from. And it feels like something we should have done earlier because these are some incredible human beings and they are the ones who have been putting their heart and their passion into making the show for you for years now. So you’re about to meet Enna Garkusha, our producer, Becca Godwin, our associate producer, and Jessica Olivier, our content queen. Yes, queen. And I think you’re gonna fall in love with them the same way that I have throughout these past few years of knowing them working with them and becoming so a part of their lives and they becoming a part of mine. So you’re about to hear some origin story and some really special BTS moments that we’ve never shared openly. And I think it’s going to give you a whole new taste of what Cultured has been like as something so far beyond just a podcast. My babies, I love you so much. But I’m not going to say goodbye yet, because there’s a whole friggin episode. Don’t leave yet. Okay, let’s go.

Welcome my babies. And this time, I’m talking to Jessica, Becca and Enna for the first time ever, I’m saying welcome my babies to actual babies I’m looking at on the screen. And here we are in the final ever episode ever, across all time space of The Cultured Podcast. Hi, guys, how you doing?

Jessica Olivier  3:24  


Enna Garkusha  3:26  


Becca Godwin  3:28  


Michelle Khouri  3:30  

Okay, that was weak. But that’s okay. That’s the state we’re in right now. So yeah, here we are. The final episode. The people who just barely said hello, are the incredible powerhouse women behind The Cultured Podcast and have been a part of it with me for years now, which is super crazy to say.

\Enna Garkusha  3:56  

I’m sorry, I just want to interrupt. I feel like a part of the reason why this can get a little awkward is because there’s four of us on one call. And so we’re trying our best not to like talk over each other because that’s not going to translate well. I feel like maybe a better approach is to sort of introduce each one of us as like our role and our involvement. Or just introduce each one of us and we can each then have space to say hello, to say, you know, how we’re involved what our role is and what our involvement is.

Michelle Khouri  4:29  

That was the perfect way to introduce our producer Enna. That was the perfect way to introduce Enna Garkusha, the one the only the producer. If you ever think that a podcast episode sounds super natural and polished, it’s because someone like Enna is right there being like “Hey guys, you’re being awkward AF, let’s take that from the top, Michelle.” Lace your boots up. Get in the zone and let’s do this. So that’s enough, say hello, enough.

Enna Garkusha  5:01  

Hi. Thank you for that lovely introduction.

Michelle Khouri  5:06  

Thank you.

Enna Garkusha  5:08  

Yeah, I mean, yes, that was a very, probably pretty good encapsulation of what I do for Cultured and how I managed Michelle for every session.

Michelle Khouri  5:18  

And then the other perfect encapsulation of who’s with us today is the absolute silence and, and chuckles and giggles in the background. And that’s because we’ve got two of our strategists with us and strategists for FRQNCY, but in terms of Cultured, we’ve got our associate producer, Becca Godwin, who has handled guests booking and scheduling and managing my Instagram direct messages to her being like, “We have to bring them on the podcast!” like ad nauseum and then reaching out to them and managing booking them on the show and everything like that. Say hello, Becca!

Becca Godwin  5:58  

Hello, Michelle’s babies!

Michelle Khouri  6:04  

It’s beh-beys. Very good. Very good accent. excellent quality. And then last, but certainly-boytantly not least, of all the “boytantlys” in the world, this certainly isn’t the least. Jessica Olivier! And she she writes all the episode titles and descriptions for the show. She’s also our lead content strategist at FRQNCY. One of the smartest, sharpest brains you’ll ever know. And also has hung on to for most of this time working on the Cultured Podcast content, like what you see on the blog and everything because she just loves it. And it’s her little baby, say hello, Jessica!

Jessica Olivier  6:54  

Y’all, it’s such an honor to be here. And to talk to the crew, the Cultured crew, the babies.

Michelle Khouri  7:06  

Wooh. This is super weird. Not just like that this is coming to an end after the four of us have been working on this for for a year or for almost four years. But also the fact that we’re all in this conversation together. And we finally get to show like the dynamics of the team and what the kind of love and passion that has gone into making this show for these past three and a half years. So it’s, it’s weird, but it’s like super special. And it kind of feels like huh, how have we not done this before? Right? 

Becca Godwin  7:38  

Mm hmm. I was just thinking that, that it’s appropriate. 

Michelle Khouri  7:42  

And it’s so appropriate. How are you guys feeling now like with the end, I mean, we can turn to this a little bit and just talk about how we’re feeling currently?

Jessica Olivier  7:50  

Well, I feel like in true FRQNCY fashion, it’s time more where I’m, it feels like it should be coming to an end because we’ve done it for 10 years. But then also it feels like it shouldn’t be coming to an end because we only just got started. And so it’s kind of this weird place of feeling like we we’ve done so much and grown so much. It’s beautiful to look at. But It’s bittersweet. It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to a show that really shaped and formed my love for podcasts.

Becca Godwin  8:22  

The only way I’m coping with it is by telling myself that despite you just saying that it’s the end for all time and all universes or something to that effect is to just-

Michelle Khouri  8:34  


Becca Godwin  8:35  

-completely ignore that and think that one day we could still revive The Cultured Podcast. 

Michelle Khouri  8:43  

Listen If Netflix wants to commish a Cultured show and have us travel around interviewing artists and art forms from around the world, absolutely. But until then, never again. Also, I never say never. I’m just kidding.

Jessica Olivier  9:02  

I mean, if Sex and the City can come back again. I mean, minus Samantha, but we’re doing a reboot of Sex and the City. Anything’s possible.

Michelle Khouri  9:10  

Oh my god, you’re right. That was perfection. I have zero arguments to that your right now coming soon Cultured Podcast, the movie 1,2,3 and 7. 

Enna Garkusha  9:26  

Yeah, I think, um, how I’m feeling about Cultured being over, it’s very bittersweet. Cultured was like the catalyst for so many things. And like for so much that we have now in the future, but I think it feels right, and it feels appropriate. And I think the reason why is because I realized that we can still honor it for what it’s done and the role that it’s played, while sort of putting it to rest. And then focusing now, like, towards the future and what’s in front of us.

Michelle Khouri  10:08  

So well put, so well put, and I mean, it really, it really is. We have Cultured to thank for where we all are today with FRQNCY and the amazing work we do with FRQNCY. So to that, and I know, Enna, you were like, I don’t want you to be the interviewer for this, but I can’t help it godammit. To that end, I would love to hear, you know, your origin stories with Cultured, like, we never do this, you know, like, we lived all this together, but you never hear someone recount and experience that, like you take for granted as just part of your life. So I mean, Jess, let’s start with you, because you are the OG of the OGs.

Jessica Olivier  10:54  

Yeah, I mean, I last night decided to go back in time, do like time jumping. And I looked at my emails from 2017. And there was a June 2017 email. And it’s so, it’s wild, because our dynamic has, isn’t where it’s at now. So it’s, you know, “Hello, Jessica, would you like to sample the first Cultured episode,?” and I was like, I would love to! You know, how we’ve grown as a family since then, just looking at the press release, editing, like the original press release when it came out. Yes, outreach emails, you know, from my Gmail, to potential guests. And just like figuring it out, as we went along, and that beginning those beginning lessons that you have to learn and the only way you can learn them is by doing doing them. And there’s a lot of really wonderful memories in there. There’s like the tough lessons, where you look at some of the stuff like I look at some of my episode descriptions from the early days, and I’m like, look at your growth, you’ve grown so much. But yeah, it’s fun to look back in time and think how much the show has grown and how much our roles have grown since 2017.

Michelle Khouri  12:11  

Oh, my God, that is such a trip. I can’t even. I have not seen those emails in so long, like before and to think about, like you and I, being in that place of like, “Hello, Jessica”, like new people to each other is so weird, because now we’re basically like family, you know, I consider you amongst my closest friends in addition to like, right hand in FRQNCY, you know, I mean, I’ve got all my hands, my FRQNCY hands on this call and it started with “Hello, Jessica”, you know?

Jessica Olivier  12:42  

Right. That part makes me really emotional because it is the, the heart underneath Cultured and underneath FRQNCY is the relationships and the trust, and the love and the patience and everything that that we’ve built in this little community.

Michelle Khouri  13:01  

Okay, well next up, let’s go in order of chronology because I’m a Virgo. Enna Garkusha, our second OG of the OGs. So talk about your journey with Cultured.

Enna Garkusha  13:15  

Yeah. There’s so much to talk about. I feel like, I think we met at an art gallery. We have mutual friends in common. And we hit it off.

Michelle Khouri  13:27  

Did we meet at that event at Spanx? Was that our first time meeting? I think it was.

Enna Garkusha  13:33  

No, we met at Martha Cooper’s opening at Wish.

Michelle Khouri  13:37  

Oh, wow. Oh my god. That’s right. That’s where we met. We met through art.

Enna Garkusha  13:42  

Yeah. Oh my God, that’s cute. Oh, yeah. But it was at that Spanx event that we actually talked about podcasts for the first time. I was, like, deep in the throes of being a very scrappy broke entrepreneur who’s trying to like run a videography business. And I was literally just like, so eager to take on whatever work and like, new opportunities that came my way that, when you brought up your podcast, I think I like just jumped. Jumped in and was like, Hey, I if you need help. If you ever need help, if you ever need any hands, I’m super available, super free, super eager to help you out. And you took me up on the offer.

Michelle Khouri  14:39  

I was like, I think I do need help, please.

Enna Garkusha  14:44  

So I started working on your episodes with you. And I think quickly sort of evolved into a much tighter relationship between you and I. I mean, it eventually led to me working for you and FRQNCY and, like eventually meeting my fiance. I mean, I would say like, like, Cultured has had a monumental role in my life, I think. I think it’s safe to say that it’s changed my life.

Michelle Khouri  15:15  

I love you. Yeah, yeah. I mean, it is crazy, right? Because like, people so easily so readily like, mock podcasts these days because they’re everywhere. But they’re, there’s such a when you approach them with that passion and, and care. It’s like it’s the service of your heart, you know, it’s coming out of your heart. And what’s been so special about this whole team is that we approach it with so much heart, and it is, by far our smallest production of all of them now, we keep it small. And it’s been like the hardest decision ever to come to this point of being like, Okay, it’s time to move on from actively producing the show.

Jessica Olivier  15:59  

 That’s like, if you’re listening, if we sent this to your email, it’s fine.

Michelle Khouri  16:05  

Right? If we literally recorded it, put it in a boombox showed up outside your house held the boombox over our heads played the episode,it’s just coincidence. Kismet is what I like to call it. Anywho perfect, segue Kismet is the absolute perfect segue to now go over to Becca, because I love our origin story. 

Becca Godwin  16:29  

I will say I just got a vision of maybe it’s not like Netflix making Cultured the movie, but maybe it’s, you know how people make, like backup plans with another person in their life where they’re like, if we’re not married by the age 40, let’s get married and we’ll make a family. Like, I feel like our plan should be when we’re all retired and like 80 years old, if we don’t have anything else going on, we’ll reboot Cultured and revive it at that time. 

Enna Garkusha  16:59  

I’m in.

Michelle Khouri  16:59  

Oh my god, are you saying we’re going to be the Golden Girls of podcasting? 

Becca Godwin  17:04  


Michelle Khouri  17:05  

Are you saying you’re gonna be the Golden Girls of podcasting?

Jessica Olivier  17:07  

Introducing our new podcast called the Golden Girls of Podcasting. 

Michelle Khouri  17:11  

Golden Cultured. 

All right, wow, I took that off the rails. Back to you.

Enna Garkusha  17:20  

Thanks, Becca.

Michelle Khouri  17:21  

Yeah, totally blaming Becca, that was definitely her idea. 

Becca Godwin  17:26  

So Jessica inspired me to do a quick search for Cultured Podcast in my email. And I’m happy to report that about a year and a few months before I had any official capacity, I had already signed up and I got the the double debut day email in August 2017.

Jessica Olivier  17:49  

The newsletter?

Becca Godwin  17:50  

Yes. And, and then I just listened to all, I loved the show. I’m proud to report that I have one of my, I sent in my inspiration and it was about riding to work at the AJC on Marta. And the cool things that I would see on MARTA.

Michelle Khouri  18:07  

I remember this.

Becca Godwin  18:09  

And you read it and I heard my name and I was so excited. And then fast forward to a year or so later. And I was ready to move on from the AJC and we were in a group of mutual friends. And I remember you were at my house for like a pumpkin carving activity, I think. And we were standing in my kitchen and you were like, started something and I need some help. And I thought of you and so I was like, Oh, interesting. We talked more and more about it. And then I came on board. And in addition to the other things I was doing, I became Cultured’s associate producer. And that’s my first and only AP credit on a podcast so far. And so I’m very proud of it. And I love doing it. And there’s so many things about it that I love, but I won’t skip ahead right now. 

Michelle Khouri  19:02  

Oh my God, what a trip down memory lane. I remember that pumpkin carving party. I took it as an opportunity to create marketing assets for my then very new business. I had just signed on Sales Loft. So I carved their logo on one side and I carved the first iteration of the FRQNCY logo into the other side. And I created a gif and I couldn’t use it because I could never announce it because I didn’t know how things were done back then. You don’t announce until it’s ready to announce so. Oh man, that’s such a trip and then I remember backs you and I going to Mezcalitos. Mezcalitos, the Mexican restaurant and like having an official like okay, here’s the conversation. Okay, we’re about to potentially work together and I just like had this feeling inside. I was like, This is like the fit. We were in a mutual friend group but we never got super super close, which actually was like, in my opinion like, kismet because- and this is why I’m like kismet is like what I think of when I think of you- because we’ve gotten close through FRQNCY and through Cultured in a way that I don’t think we ever would have been able to do in just a mutual friend group. 

Becca Godwin  20:13  

Yeah, absolutely. Coworking in your apartment.

Jessica Olivier  20:18  

The creative Wonderland.

Michelle Khouri  20:20  

Yes, the creative Wonderland. You guys, I miss being in person so hard. Oh my god.

Jessica Olivier  20:26  

Speaking of being in person, I have to add that Michelle would tell me about Enna, and then about Becca. And when I finally met y’all, it was like being starstruck because I felt like I had been working with you and that I’d heard about you so much. That when I really got to know you and work with you, it was the coolest feeling. 

Michelle Khouri  20:47  


Enna Garkusha  20:49  

I have a question for the group. What has been a highlight moment for you when it comes to Cultured, like a favorite guest or a favorite episode? Or just a favorite moment overall?

Michelle Khouri  21:06  

Good question.

Enna Garkusha  21:07  

Jess, I’ll start with you.

Jessica Olivier  21:08  

There’s a long list of favorites. But the recurring theme of so many of my favorite guests and episodes has to do with the fact that Michelle and I are both theater nerds. 

Michelle Khouri  21:18  


Jessica Olivier  21:19  

So whenever there was anything to do with theater, it was like I was so excited to do my job. I was going to listen to a podcast and work on the transcript and the episode description for theater. That was always a highlight for me. And then I think one of my favorite guests, surprisingly, because it’s not theater is Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya.

Michelle Khouri  21:45  

Yeah, yes, she’s amazing.

Jessica Olivier  21:48  

Just, I think, as a listener, listening to that episode, and hearing that intersection between science and art get played with was a completely different way of thinking than I had ever done before. And I found myself revisiting it long after had come out and drawing inspiration from it. And also, I always loved Michelle’s what’s inspiring her.

Michelle Khouri  22:13  

I tried to cut that from the structure a few times. And I was like, no.

Jessica Olivier  22:16  

We were not gonna let that happen.

Michelle Khouri  22:19  

No, that’s a, that’s a no.

Jessica Olivier  22:20  

And it was a quick no, like, we shut that down, like Michelle would be like, Well, you know, I think we’ve done a lot of inspiration we’re like, we need some inspiration.

Enna Garkusha  22:29  

The inspiration has been such a big part of the show, in each episode, because it’s like, Michelle’s opportunity to like spread goodness and light out into the world. And I think that that like, really is refreshing and like such a breath of fresh air for people, we get to learn about who Michelle is as a person. And not just who she is like as a host who likes to ask people questions. And so the inspiration is like, when we you know, get to see Michelle just like be herself. So we could never, I mean, it was never even a question of whether we could cut it or not. Of course, it has to stay.

Michelle Khouri  23:11  

It was hard. That’s one of those things that only if you listen to the behind the scenes like this, do you realize, you know, what actually goes into those.The inspiration when things, you know, as I’m building this company now, like, all of a sudden, there are days that are really hard, or that I’m really tired, or that I just, I have to record it, because we have timelines with production. But I have a billion other things to do. And I’m tired, and I don’t want to do it. And I would have to sit there and be like, what’s inspiring me and it was honestly a good exercise. Because in those moments, is when you actually, you know, when it helps you the most, to stop and ask yourself, like, what inspires you? Oh, but Enna knows, because that poor woman, you had to like, pull the recordings out of me like Michelle just ping, just ping just a ping. And I’m like, I’ll do it later! So I’m glad that it does add because, you know, there were days where it added to my life because I didn’t want to do it. And it shone a light. 

Becca Godwin  24:05  

The Tasmanian devil in me wants me to ask you what’s inspire you today now? 

Michelle Khouri  24:29  

Oh, I actually have an answer for that, because I have had a rough week. And I think in tough moments. I can say that in this tough moment, I’m inspired by the circle of support that I have. And one of the things I’ve worked on recently is to learn to ask for support and help because I have that circle around me. And so in going through this tough time as early on as yesterday, got a lot of support and guidance. And when I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, I have a lot of people around me who are willing to be as, I call them, Jessica knows this very well, my gut checks, and just ensure that I’m on the right track from, honestly from a spirit from a soul perspective, because ain’t nothing in this world is important as your soul being authentic and attuned to higher vibrations. Nothing in the world is more important. 

Becca Godwin  25:32  


Jessica Olivier  25:32  

See, this is why they had to stay in the episode. They’re all nodding, and going, Oh my god, that’s so true.

Michelle Khouri  25:38  

I’m still standing in front of three women. Begging for sleep. 

Jessica Olivier  25:48  

Michelle, when was the moment where you really, like, fell in your groove? When you realized like, this is my podcast. I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing right now, with this microphone.

Michelle Khouri  26:02  

The second my tiny little first microphone was delivered to me, I plugged it in and spoke into it. I swear to God, I was like an addict. From that moment on, I just, I don’t think people know that the first episode of Cultured, which is about Iceland, because the initial iteration was going to include like travel and food culture and stuff. And then I just refined it over time. But that first episode about Iceland was meant to be just a microphone test. And I just sat down and started like riffing about Iceland. And I was like, You know what? That’s not too bad. And I’m gonna just release it so that I can like feel that momentum and get started and… I owned it a little, as I do with all things if I believe in something, I’m going to own it with my whole self from the very beginning. And so I was like, calling up all my artist friends. I mean, I was already connected to like the arts community in Atlanta. So I just like, lined up all my friends to come over to my apartment at the mattress factory lofts and record with me in a tiny little corner, tiny little desk with the tiniest little microphone. As I was holding this tiny little Samsung go mic between us. That’s why, you know, like, on the last episode, I said, like, I’m not going to be the host of Cultured anymore. And then I corrected myself and said, like, I’ll always be the host of Cultured, because that’s how it feels is like Cultured is forever a part of me. 

Becca Godwin  27:27  


Jessica Olivier  27:27  

Me too. 

Enna Garkusha  27:30  

Me three.

Michelle Khouri  27:31  

Cool, Becca, that’s fine. 

Becca Godwin  27:33  

Me four. All right, I’ll make up for it by saying some of my notable highlights. So I have always loved art. But my world was more music and literature more so than it was actually really kind of digging in deep into artists and the kinds of art that they make, and that they create. And so this was really, really fun for me to have my actual job be to kind of scour the internet and sometimes galleries and, for instance, one guest I found through my Georgia State Alumni magazine. And, uh, Drew Tetz. 

Michelle Khouri  28:18  

That’s right! Oh my god. That’s right. That was two episodes ago. Yeah.

Becca Godwin  28:23  

Yeah, I was happy. I got one in there from from something like that. But it’s just been such a joy to really have my job to be to get inspired by what these amazing people are doing. And then to hear you talk to them in a way that I don’t think they are often talked to, in this very down to earth, intriguing, conversational format. And every time that I booked a guest, it was exciting, like getting that email back where they agree. I always, it just gave me a thrill. Especially when it was someone who we sort of didn’t expect to get like, John Pierre Roy. 

Michelle Khouri  28:53  

Oh my gosh, that was a big one. 

Becca Godwin  29:03  

And so those were always great. And then the happy hour we did. Lee and White was so much fun. It was very casual. It was a small group. But if we did have one Cultured guest show up, Adelaide.

Michelle Khouri  29:18  


Becca Godwin  29:19  

Yeah. And a big fan. And that was that was cool to go again, from like the, a lot of it is has been done separately, especially in 2020. And to bring everybody together and see it in real life was was really fun for me. 

Michelle Khouri  29:35  

That was a definite highlight for me too. I mean, it was such a small little gathering, but it was so, it’s very reflective of the Cultured crew, which is all about quality and like loyalty and like, loyalty is a weird word to use. But you know what I mean? It’s the people who are always listening to every episode. And so it’s clearly a niche show. But our little world, our little microcosm at Cultured is so full of love and passion. And that happy hour was such a perfect mini microcosmic embodiment of that because it was here in Atlanta, where it was just like a celebration of, hey, there’s like this little thing in the world that brings us all together. Definitely highlight for me.

Jessica Olivier  30:19  

I loved how guests would then become friends. 

Michelle Khouri  30:23  

Yeah, yes.

Jessica Olivier  30:24  

And how we would be, you know, the crew working behind the scenes, and then we became close. It felt like, the relationships that grew out of it were everywhere.

Michelle Khouri  30:36  

Yeah, I think the show carries that energy, like the show, you know, we keep talking about the show, because it’s, it’s this abstract thing that we all created together. But at the end of the day, it’s almost like it has its own magnetic pole at this point. And it embodies joy and inspiration, creativity, curiosity, and just a good high vibration, where everyone is seen as human, and also welcomed into this space, space of self expression that is so fundamental to us as human beings. So I think that’s the pull that it has. And it’s a bit of a safe space, you know, for us as a team, and then also as a Cultured crew. And definitely, like, one of my greatest highlights is the friendships I’ve made. Like, I’m in touch with so many of the artists that we’ve had on The Cultured Podcast, like so many, and just text conversations, support, Amanda is one of the newest, you know, additions to my friend group that comes from cultured and I mean, Alicia Oxy, and I still keep in touch and get together every time she’s in Atlanta or I’m in Los Angeles. I mean, it’s all just like-

Jessica Olivier  32:02  

Vincent Van Pro.

Michelle Khouri  32:03  

Oh, my God, who is now on the friggin FRQNCY Team. Oh, God. So yeah, it has a magnetic pull. And I think these conversations go so deep. And we, we are so raw with each other that it’s like, we become friends. I’m like this Lucky, lucky person who gets to travel, so many places across the world, Eastern and Western hemispheres. And I could probably call up all these people and have lunch, when there’s not a raging virus. That’s a huge highlight to me. And it’s funny because we now are in the business of podcasting. So there’s always like a business goal attached to the podcasts that we create. And they’re mission driven, or we can align with a certain mission. But at the end of the day, there’s business goals attached. And yet, Cultured has just been passion. The goal has been, let’s make something cool. And let’s put our hearts into it. So, you know, winding down now on this conversation that has been so beautiful, and actually a real highlight this hard week in this day, we’ve all had. What are your, I want to hear from each of you like, what are your hopes for Cultured moving forward, this energy that we just spoke of? 

Jessica Olivier  33:18  

The Culture crew will always be a family. And my hope is that more people stumble upon it, and slip and fall madly in love with it the way that I have. And accidentally be so many episodes deep, realizing that you’re slightly obsessed. And for those that already listen, I hope that they share a sentiment to what we’re saying right now. Where they feel part of something that is both on air and off. I hope they feel part of a forever family.

Becca Godwin  33:55  

My hope is that the energy of Cultured continues to emminate and cause vibrations in this world. So that the people who listen to it, especially can be contagious as they continue on with the mindset to keep it classy, keep it curious and keep it cultured. Enna?

Enna Garkusha  34:26  

I mean, honestly, my hope is that like, whatever iteration of Cultured that is ending now is just it’s not dying. What it’s actually doing is just evolving further and taking us somewhere else. Like I fully expect that. The next show that the four of us create together is going to be Cultured, but with just like a new like idea and concept and feel but still the same spirit at the end of the day,

Michelle Khouri  35:02  

Amen to that. Yeah, I am in a space with Cultured where I’m, I’m very ready to move on. It’s easy to say that until it starts becoming real. And then you’re like, Oh my gosh, this was more a part of my identity than I realized. So, you know, I certainly hope more people keep discovering it. The original mission of Cultured was always to make people who liked art, but never found it approachable, feel like they have a space to experience it. That’s super approachable. I hope that that continues on forever. 

Becca Godwin  35:39  

I would like to end and give us all a snap for Cultured having a five star overall rating on Apple podcast, as of today. 

Michelle Khouri  35:51  

Hell yes, snap! You know, obviously like snaps for everyone who left a review and rated and also who’s been listening this whole time. It really really means a world there’s so much work that goes into this and so much love that goes into it. So like, every pair of ears on this baby is, on this baby, is really special. So thank you, thank you, thank you for listening. I love you. I love you so much. You’re special. So I wish I could tell you this was an act that I put on for you. But this is basically just me.

Jessica Olivier  36:28  

Oh, that’s Michelle. That’s Michelle, for sure.

Michelle Khouri  36:31  

So, you know, speaking of Michelle and this crew and who we are together, we exist. We are cultured and so well cultured, we’re not going to be actively producing episodes, we are all continuing on. And we’re still making super cool stuff together. I mean, we really are like, what the things this team makes, I mean, exceed our like, make me exceedingly proud every single time we release something new. So I want to shout out a couple of our productions from the FRQNCY side that are spearheaded by these brilliant women on this call. The Hidden Voices is like Enna’s baby. And it is a gorgeous production. That is also super aligned with our mission. So I highly recommend everyone check that out because it has beautiful sound design, incredible storytelling, and we’re about to launch Season Two very, very soon. So take a little listen to that baby and think of Enna while you do. Enna, your Cultured producer, what’s up, carrying on the love. And then of course, our latest production that is an absolute whole team effort. I think almost every single person on the FRQNCY team has had like a major impact on this production. Nope, every single person, I can actually say that every single person, is the Jane Goodall Hopecast that we just launched in December 2020. And it might be the thing I’m most proud of in my life, like literally. So definitely, definitely give that a listen because you can start, you know, where Enna was talking about evolving this energy. That is what FRQNCY is. And those are the productions we’re releasing on FRQCNY. So you know, you can learn more about those productions. I just mentioned two of many that we’re super proud of. And you can keep tabs on your culture team, your culture, fam at FRQNCY Media across all different platforms. And that’s a millennial spelling as you guys already know, because I’ve talked about FRQNCY a good bit on the podcast. That’s FRQNCY.

Enna Garkusha  38:38  

People can find us on all platforms, by the handle at FRQNCY Media, people can go to FRQNCY dot Media, our website people can sign up for our newsletter there as well. Isn’t that right, Michelle?

Michelle Khouri  38:49  

That’s right.

Enna Garkusha  38:55  

 Should we all do one last keep it classy, keep it curious, together?

Michelle Khouri  39:04  

Yes! Okay, ready? 1, 2, 3. 

All  39:08  

Keep it classy, keep it curious, keep it cultured.

Michelle Khouri  39:21  

Visit Cultured for show notes and subscription. The Cultured Podcast is a production of my podcast production company FRQNCY Media. I’m the host Michelle Khouri. Enna Garkusha is our fabulous producer. Becca Godwin is our wonderful associate producer, and we’re recording in Atlanta, Georgia. 

All right, so we’re gonna kick off, yeah?

Enna Garkusha  39:58  

Yes. I’m recording. Becca are you recording? Cool.

Becca Godwin  40:02  

Yes. Should I stop and start over so it’s-

Jessica Olivier  40:05  

Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon-

Enna Garkusha  40:08  


Michelle Khouri  40:09  


Jessica Olivier  40:09  

Watermelon, radishes-

Michelle Khouri  40:11  

Rhubarb and cabbages.

Jessica Olivier  40:13  

Watermelon, radishes, watermelon, radishes.

Michelle Khouri  40:16  

Rappiges and radishes and cabbages.

Jessica Olivier  40:19  

Watermelon, cabbages, ruta- rutabaga- 

Michelle Khouri  40:22  

and radish. 

Jessica Olivier  40:23  


Michelle Khouri  40:25  

Watermelon, cabbage, rutabaga, radish-

Watermelon, raddish, watermelon, radish-

With a baseball bat. Okay, okay, okay. This is good. You know what? It work it does.

Jessica Olivier  40:41  

Doesn’t it get you in the Rutabaga mood, you know what I mean?

Michelle Khouri  40:46  

Welcome babies, we’re writing songs on this episode!

Jessica Olivier  40:50  

I got really quiet I was like, Oh, this is it. This is it. She’s doing it.

Michelle Khouri  40:56  

Okay, here we go.